3D drawing in Augmented Reality.

An experiment in user generated AR content.

We started an internal project to interrogate potential use-cases for user generated AR content, as well as looking for a cool side project to stress-test String. We asked the question: “How can users be creative with this technology rather than passively viewing content?”

What came out of those explorations was Scrawl.

Scrawl is powered by String, and the app is built in Unity 3D. It took one programmer just two days to build and another two or three to tweak.

Due to the positive response from everyone that’s seen the promo and demo films, we have decided to continue development on Scrawl in our spare time, and will aim to release it on the App Store within the next month or two.

We have a million ideas on where to take it as a more complete app and we’re excited to see how Scrawl will evolve.